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Albania Is Close To Legalizing Medical Cannabis

cannabis plant in jamaica cannabis plant in jamaica

Cannabis is medicine. That is a fact that is worth repeating over and over. For proof of that fact, all people have to do is look at the growing body of studies and research backing up the claim, as well as the countless personal testimonies of suffering patients that have successfully treated their condition(s) with medical cannabis.

The cannabis plant has been used as a medicine for many centuries, and by that measure, it was only fairly recently that anyone claimed that cannabis is not medicine. Fortunately for suffering patients, more and more countries are getting on the right side of history and legalizing cannabis for medical use.

Some countries still prohibit medical cannabis, however, some of them are moving in the right direction. One of those countries is Albania, which recently announced that it is very close to unveiling a draft proposal that would legalize medical cannabis. Per Exit News:

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama announced today that the government is preparing a draft law that would legalize the cultivation of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

During a joint conference with EU ambassador Luigi Soreca, Rama said that the government has been working with foreign and local advisers for a year and the draft law would be made public soon. He also highlighted the importance of learning from other countries’ experiences with medical marijuana.

For what it’s worth, Albania will be able to take the best components of other countries’ medical policies and incorporate them into their own law. It obviously would have been better if Albania legalized medical cannabis years ago, or even better, never prohibited medical cannabis in the first place.

However, it is better to look forward than to dwell on the past for the purpose of this policy change, and hopefully Albania’s medical cannabis model helps as many suffering patients as possible. It will be disheartening if Albania’s medical cannabis program proves to be too limited, with suffering patients failing to receive safe access to a proven medicine. Ultimately, only time will tell what happens.