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A Conversation with CBD Naturals® Founder Jared Berry

International Cannabis Business Conference

As we’ve seen cannabis go mainstream, the cannabidiol, known best as CBD, has gone even more mainstream as the cannabinoid’s medical benefits, and lack of psychoactive effect, have brought CBD into favor with folks across demographics. With CBD’s acceptance dramatically increasing, the CBD market is expected to be a multi-billion dollar industry by 2020.

We can expect CBD to only increase in prominence after a World Health Organization report found no public health risks or abuse potential with the cannabinoid. Athletes are helping lead the way as several mixed martial artists have been publicly touting its benefits and the World Anti-Doping Agency officially removed CBD from the list of banned substances, allowing athletes, such as those currently competing in the World Cup, to utilize the medicinal benefits of CBD.

Many cannabis legalization advocates have found that CBD is a good starting point to help expose Reefer Madness nonsense as it proves wrong the government’s ridiculous notion that marijuana has no medicinal benefits. CBD and cannabis movements really go hand in hand. I’m excited to hear more about CBD from CBD Naturals® founder Jared Berry as the company will be launching new brands at the upcoming International Cannabis Business Conference in Vancouver this June 24th-25th and the company is sponsoring the ICBC’s after-party where attendees get to enjoy the music of hip-hop legend Del the Funky Homosapien.

Just ahead of the Vancouver ICBC, Jared Berry was gracious enough to set aside some time to answer a few of my questions (in bold):

What prompted you to start researching and producing CBD products?

I stumbled across the US patent on Cannabinoids and the information regarding CBD was overwhelming. I was shocked at the legal contradiction. I did not understand how the entire family of cannabis plants are a schedule 1 drug, with no known medical benefits, however, the same government also had a patent with research showing amazing medical benefits of cannabinoids derived from cannabis. The cannabinoids patent claimed (cannabidiol) CBD is safe, effective, and a non-psychoactive super antioxidant with benefits for reversing and fighting cancer, epilepsy, MS, inflammation and a long list of other conditions. The clear and evident data, presented by the government, portrayed CBD to be responsible for allowing the bodies system to communicate and signal with other internal systems and allow it to basically heal itself. I knew I had to purify the compound in a way that would be THC free, non-psychoactive and safe. I knew that if I could create the same CBD, with a 99% purity level, cited by the government, I could create products that would help people in unbelievable ways and open the door to a new age of medicine and self-healing.

The United States seems to be on the verge of completely legalizing industrial hemp. What impact do you think hemp legalization will have on the CBD industry?

I think it will be night and day, but I think it will create new challenges. Hemp has the ability to impact everything from oil to food and clothing to medication. CBD is just one of many areas the hemp laws will change. You cannot disrupt that many billions in revenue without making some waves. I am sure pharma companies are already putting a ton of money into researching CBD and other cannabinoids. If they can find a way to make you pay prescription prices for something – they will. Hemp laws will provide protection for research and empower the people, we just need to keep fighting for access.

CBD has become mainstream, even utilized by those that are wary of cannabis. What do you attribute to the sudden rise in acceptance?

Perception and results. Perception is reality and perception is what changes behavior and social norms. Perception demonized hemp and cannabis, perception changed views on gay marriage, gender equality, racial differences and perceptions control trends, acceptance change, it is even got Donald Trump elected.

Results have driven the change in perception. CBD has had tremendous effects on so many people and this information has spread. Social media has allowed people to share experiences and the results are undeniable. When people experience the amazing results from CBD and realize it has no psychoactive effect of getting “high”, they start to ask the right questions and wonder why it was ever illegal or if it was ever illegal. It is now a common perception that when CBD is extracted from hemp that is grown legally, the extracted cannabinoids are also legal and can be sold like a vitamin. It took a community of people speaking with a loud voice to demand change. We believe this fight is far from over. We have been fortunate that visionary leaders like Senator McConnell have lead the efforts to change hemp laws but we now have pharma companies lining up to make this natural and abundant product only available by prescription. This is not because CBD is dangerous and not because CBD can be abused, this is because everyone is looking at how they can make money by controlling CBD.

You’ve become a successful entrepreneur, any advice for those just starting in the cannabis industry?

You never arrive at the finish line and the work never ends. Each discovery will lead to more questions and it is our job to continue to demand answers. If the answers are not provided, we need to find the answers. Being an entrepreneur is not about making money, it is about finding what is missing in the world and working to provide solutions.  There is always room for improvement. Keep creating and keep pushing for something even better. Raise the bar on yourself daily.  Celebrate your victories and don’t rush to the finish line because there ain’t one. Enjoy the journey because the journey is the ride.

I think the single biggest challenge we are going to face after legalization is education. I am amazed how many hemp and cannabis advocates talk about the amazing effect of CBD and do not take a CBD supplement. I have asked many why and I often get the same answer, “Because I am not sick”. I think the results of CBD’s healing properties were so powerful that it caused people to believe it is a powerful supplement to fix existing conditions. The reality is this is something that our body needs. CBD and cannabinoids are essential for our bodies to maintain a state of homeostasis and balance. I believe nearly all people should take phytocannabinoids to supplement their body. The absence of illness is not the same as health and just because you are not sick does not mean you don’t need to keep your system balanced.

I want to thank the people of Canada and the people in each of the US states that have pushed for standing up for logic and standing up for what is right. Your leadership on cannabis will accelerate a domino effect that has already started. Keep asking the right questions and keep demanding answers and demand access to hemp.

Thanks for taking the time, to  thoroughly answer my questions Jared. See you soon at the ICBC in Vancouver!

Thank you.

The International Cannabis Business Conference in Vancouver this June 24th-25th is THE event for those in the industry, operating any ancillary business, or is thinking of joining the industry. The ICBC will provide the latest information on Canada’s legalization law while providing networking opportunities with investors, advocates, and entrepreneurs like CBD Naturals® founder Jared Berry. To learn more about CBD and all of CBD Naturals® products, stop by their booth (#16) and attend the exclusive ICBC after-party featuring Del the Funky Homosapien. Get your tickets for the Vancouver ICBC before the event sells out!

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