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A Cannabis Rift Between Bermuda And The UK

Bermuda Flag

It is no secret that the ongoing COVID pandemic has had a detrimental impact on the world’s economy. Many industries are struggling and countless businesses have had to close either temporarily or permanently.

As the international community looks towards a post-pandemic global economy, one industry is poised to come out far stronger after the pandemic than before the pandemic started – the cannabis industry.

The global cannabis industry is booming by virtually every standard and measurement right now, and once the global economy opens back up the cannabis industry is likely to experience further growth.

It’s one of the very few industries that possess the ability to successfully operate in virtually every country and region, provided that the cannabis industry is afforded the legal opportunity to do so.

One country that is ramping up its cannabis industry is Bermuda, although pushback from the United Kingdom is making thing tense between the two countries. Per Royal Gazette:

The Premier said last night Bermuda’s relationship with the UK would suffer serious damage if a law to license cannabis production failed to get Royal Assent.

David Burt said there were indications that the Governor would be unable to give assent to legislation that contravened Britain’s international obligations.

But he added: “This legislation will pass … If Her Majesty’s representative in Bermuda does not give assent to something that has been passed lawfully and legally under this local government, this will destroy the relationship that we have with the United Kingdom.”

Just because the United Kingdom’s current cannabis policy is terrible does not mean that patients in other countries should suffer too. Bermuda is doing the right thing by not letting the UK bully them around.

It’s guaranteed that if Royal Assent is not granted, and Bermuda pursues licensed cannabis production anyways, that the sky will still remain intact and that the posturing out of the UK will prove to just be reefer madness bluffing.

The UK is clearly on the wrong side of history and has been for far too long when it comes to cannabis policy.