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5 Things Attendees Get From ICBC Events

International Cannabis Business Conference Berlin 2022 Registration

The International Cannabis Business Conference is hosting multiple events in different European countries in 2024, including the world’s largest super-conference in Barcelona in March and our flagship B2B conference in Berlin in April. Below are five benefits for attendees.

World-Class Networking Opportunities

Networking plays a vital role in every industry, and that is particularly true for the emerging legal cannabis industry. At the international level, networking is paramount to making a meaningful impact and gaining a foothold in the space. Many people who strike deals in this era will reap the rewards for decades to come as the industry continues to expand. Those deals are not struck via email solicitations. Face-to-face time is a must, and there is no better place to do that than at International Cannabis Business Conference events where attendees get to network with leaders from around the world in an environment that is conducive to generating deal flow.

Fun and Entertainment

The International Cannabis Business Conference has long served as the most exciting and entertaining event series on earth. In addition to providing world-class education and networking, the International Cannabis Business Conference has earned a global reputation for hosting the best events where attendees can work hard and play hard. It’s the only cannabis event series to ever feature multiple Grammy-nominated musical acts. International Cannabis Business Conference events are the perfect place to hang out with current friends, as well as to make new ones from all around the world.

Being A Part Of History

The European continent is in the midst of a cannabis policy revolution. The collective policy modernization efforts in multiple countries will, in turn, create an amazing situation for consumers who will be able to experience freedoms that have not been available since the dawn of prohibition. Future generations will look back on this exact era and likely consider it to be the turning point for the cannabis movement in Europe when nations finally got on the right side of history. International Cannabis Business Conference events provide attendees a front-row seat to these historic times, putting them right in the middle of it all.

Brand Exposure

Gaining a meaningful footprint in the cannabis industry at the international level is one of the most difficult endeavors that a company can embark on for several reasons, not the least of which is geographical logistics. The International Cannabis Business Conference is the only global event series with a truly international following and conferences feature a carefully curated experience completely focused on the cannabis industry at the worldwide level. It’s the ideal place for brands debuting products that are geared towards an international market.


Cannabis reform is happening all over the globe right now, and keeping up with all of it is not an easy task, nor is figuring out how each country’s efforts fit into the larger global cannabis industry puzzle. The International Cannabis Business Conference brings true experts from all over the world to provide the best and most up-to-date information to attendees. Receiving that important and timely information straight from people at the forefront of policy reform and the global industry is invaluable.

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