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Is A Regulated Adult-Use Cannabis Industry Coming To Mexico Soon?

mexico flag

Last year Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled that the country’s cannabis prohibition policy is unconstitutional. Mexico became, in a way, the third country to legalize cannabis, albeit via a court decision. Uruguay and Canada legalized cannabis for adult-use via the political process. Mexico’s Supreme Court directed lawmakers to craft and approve cannabis legalization by the end

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What’s Up With Local, Eurocentric Cannabis Production?

cannabis garden

While the big Canadians are taking their beatings there is a new hum of something green and growing afoot in Europe. Namely, with all the buzz in the air about cannabiz business by the Canadians, the Americans, and just about everyone else, European farmers are not waiting things out. The cannabis industry rules are starting

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Polish Cannabis Market Appears On Track Before National Election

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Despite rumours, strangely timed documents, and temporary difficulties reported by canna hopefuls on the ground in Poland, things appear to be shaking out in an interesting if not positive direction right as the country heads into a national election. Product registrations for medical products appear to be back on track, albeit with lingering issues around

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