San Francisco

After a Smashing Success in San Francisco, the ICBC Heads to Berlin

What an event! There are many things entrepreneurs and activists in the cannabis world disagree on, but one this is for sure – the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) last week in San Francisco, with 1500 folks in attendance, was a smashing success! The first one-day ICBC event sold out its […]

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Rock Cultural Icon Henry Rollins Shares His Perspective at the ICBC

Henry Rollins

The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) strives to provide the latest pertinent information on cannabis laws and our event in San Francisco is no different as we are proud to give the California cannabis community the latest on the upcoming new rules and regulations. Additionally, we do our best to […]

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ICBC Kicks Off With VIP Events Tonight, Conference Begins Tomorrow


The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) starts off with a bang this evening with a VIP reception that will be preceded by a fundraiser for Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom’s campaign to become the next Governor of California. Newsom will be attending at the ICBC VIP reception that will include many speakers […]

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ICBC Ticket Prices Increase Wednesday at Midnight!

ICBC Heavy Hitters

You have been waiting your whole life to attend the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) in San Francisco in the wake of adult cannabis legalization – so why are you still waiting to buy tickets to attend? The conference is this Thursday, February 17th! That means prices will increase on […]

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Join the ICBC in Supporting Gavin Newsom for California Governor

Gavin Newsom ICBC Logo

Please join the International Cannabis Business Conference in supporting Gavin Newsom as the next Governor of California, on the evening of February 16th, the night before our San Francisco conference. Lieutenant Governor Newsom has been outspoken on the need to end cannabis prohibition and has shown true leadership on the […]

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Don’t Miss Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom at ICBC VIP Reception

Gavin Newsom

In a state widely touted as the sixth largest economy in the world and the global leader of entertainment, politics is a gritty affair involving extreme competition. While the Governor of California may not wield quite the same influence as the President of the United States, the title nonetheless represents […]

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ICBC Panel: How to Survive and Thrive During the Trump Administration


The cannabis industry is understandably hanging on each and every bit of information that could potentially provide insight into the Donald Trump Administration’s future marijuana policy. There have been some troubling signs out of the administration, but also some positive ones. Many questions remain and everyone is still awaiting answers. […]

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Meet Amber Morris, Chief of California Cannabis Licensing, at the ICBC

Amber Morris

In just ten days, California is gearing up for one of the most exciting cannabis affairs in history – the International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco! The one-day-only occasion will host a sizable expo for cultivators, concentrate producers, and dispensary owners looking to find the latest and greatest cannabis-related […]

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Book Your Hilton Hotel for the San Francisco ICBC Before Rates Go Up!


Now that California has legalized marijuana and regulated cannabis commerce is on the horizon, the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) in San Francisco is the must-attend event for the cannabis community and the Hilton San Francisco Union Square is where you want to stay! The ICBC has teamed up with […]

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ICBC Early Bird Ticket Prices End at Midnight!


As recreational cannabis begins to come online before the start of the new year, the State of California is about to enter new territory. And the world is watching. Get your tickets now for the International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco on February 17th! THE $299 EARLY BIRD PRICES […]

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