Below is the schedule for the conference we had in 2017, stay tuned for our 2018 event date announcement!


08:45 Conference Overview

Alex Rogers, Executive Producer of the ICBC, delivers a general summary of what the Berlin ICBC aims to achieve.

Alex Rogers
09:00 Keynote Speech by Dr. Eva Milz, MD
Dr. Eva Milz, MD
09:45 International Medical Cannabis Policies

A comparative analyses of the world’s top medical cannabis models. Our experts will give insight to each’s respective system, go over the latest breakthroughs with each program, and discuss international cooperation concerning the import and export of medical cannabis.

Dr. Pavel Jeřábek
Ognjen Brborovic
Òscar Parés
Kirk Tousaw
Michael Knodt


10:45 Medical Marijuana Rules and Regulations in Germany (Patients, Pharmacies, and LPs)

The first licenses for the cultivation of medical cannabis will soon be given out by a federal cannabis agency. Also, acquiring your medical cannabis prescription will soon become a less cumbersome process for patients and doctors. We will delve into the process of becoming a German licensed producer, discuss the process of becoming a medical cannabis patient in Germany, as well as go over the pharmacies’ role as conduits between licensed producers and patients.

Dr. Ingo Michels
Guenter Weiglein
Dirk Rehahn
Peter Waßmuth
Georg Wurth


11:45 Testing and Standarization

From seed to sale, what are the best practices for standardizing cannabis for public consumption? Learn from testing models in other respective jurisdictions and experts on production as to what is currently working in terms of delivering a safe and contaminant free product to market.

Dr. Donald Land, PhD
Dr. Susan Audino, PhD
Dr. Pavel Kubů, MD
Liam McGreevy
Kris Krane


12:45 BREAK

One hour break.

13:45 Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen, MD

It took patients 17 years to change the law in favor of medical cannabis. Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen is a MD and an internationally sought after cannabinoid-specialist, supporting Germany’s cannabis patients since over two decades. Dr. Grotenhermen will explain the basics of medical cannabis and its scientific background, while focusing on patients health and their right to safe and reliable medicine.

Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen, MD
14:30 Extractions Technology

Extractions are becoming a massive share of the market in the U.S. Currently, Germany’s medical cannabis patients only have access to flowers. Under the new German laws, extractions will be allowed to be sold in pharmacies. We will go over the most cutting edge, clean and efficient extraction methods and their alternate benefits and discuss how extractions will be implemented into the German market.

Nenad Yashruti
Michael Ray


Jordan Lams
15:15 The Entourage Effect

In its natural state, over 90% of cannabinoids produced by cannabis plants come in acidic forms. Acidic cannabinoids, such as cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCA), cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) and their functions remain largely overlooked. This talk will critically review experimental evidence of the therapeutic potential of acidic cannabinoids—as well as discuss the experimental and clinical evidence of the cannabis entourage effect—emphasizing the importance of the interactions between acidic and neutral phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds found in cannabis plants.

Dr. Jokūbas Žiburkus, PhD
15:45 Canadian Cannabis Panel

The Canadian Cannabis Panel will discuss the evolution Canada’s unique medical cannabis program, forward thinking cannabis industry and the exponential rise in new businesses and entrepreneurs. Topics covered will include the history of cannabis in Canada as of 2001, regulatory and legal challenges in its evolution, the importance of doctor and patient education, and the similarities between the Canadian and German markets.

Clint Younge
Maxim Zavet
Terry Roycroft
Matei Olaru
Alex Revich


16:30 Celebrity Interview with Tommy Chong

It can’t all be business at the ICBC…interview conducted by Steve Bloom.

Tommy Chong
Steve Bloom


09:15 U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Keynote Speech

This Republican California Congressman has been influential in cannabis reform, and co-authored the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment.

U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher
10:00 Lobbying for Cannabis

It is no fluke that cannabis policy is changing around the world. Grassroots activists have been campaigning for fifty years to achieve the results we are currently seeing. Not only is advocating on the behalf of cannabis legalization the right thing to do, it is good practice for businesses in their respective communities. Our cannabis advocate experts will go over what steps it has taken to get to this point, as well as tips on future advocacy strategies and tactics.

Georg Wurth
Jamie Shaw
Aaron Smith
Aundre Speciale
Ross Mirkarimi


11:00 Cannabis and Media

Cannabis is a growingly hot topic in the media. The industry is beginning to boom worldwide and eighty years of prohibition is fading. As marijuana has become more mainstream, the media has adapted to reflect this new paradigm. Our panel of experts will provide a lay of the land for cannabis in the media, providing insight for business people and advocates of a landscape that continues to evolve and gain more acceptance across the globe.

Boris Moshkovits
Sebastian Marincolo
Ophelia Chong
Michael Knodt


12:00 Consumer Tech and Branding

Cannabis has gone mainstream, which means ratcheting up innovation and focusing on brand are crucial factors for success. Our panel features cannabis industry disrupters discussing the  new competitive paradigm, with a focus on applicable German business models.

Charles Rutherford
Chris Dreissen
Linn Baumgardt
Jürgen Bickel
Dean Arbit


13:00 BREAK

One hour break

14:00 Dr. Pierre Debs, PhD

Few wanted to listen, even fewer understood. How a Biologist started one of Germany´s first Medical Cannabis Companies.

pierre debs
Dr. Pierre Debs, PhD
14:30 The Future of Cannabis Genetics in a Global Commercial Marketplace

Feminization.  Stabilization.  Preservation of Native Landrace Strains. Selective Breeding.  Patents on Proprietary Genetics.  Genomics and Genetic Markers.  These are just some of the issues the panel experts will discuss as it relates to cannabis plant genetics, current regional preferences & practices, and what we can expect to see as the industry moves into a global marketplace.

Dr. Reggie Gaudino, PhD
Alan Dronkers
Dr. Darryl Hudson, PhD
Mary Patton


15:15 A New Era: Imports and Exports

The staggered rollout of legalization in varying stages and pace throughout the Americas and Europe, present the first legitimate opportunities for International business dealings within the Cannabis sector.  Intellectual property, genetics, and specialized equipment are among the valued resources to be sought after for export from mature markets to new fledgeling ones.  Our panel will examine which specific technologies and products will be in most demand, and which countries are best positioned to be leading exporters.

Marc Lustig
Michael Aberle
Reinhard Horowski
Dean Arbit


16:00 Cannabis Cultivation and New Technologies

Part art, part science, this panel of experts tackles important issues as the craft of cultivation moves from small farms to commercial operations. From dealing with pests, diseases and crop loss or competing with “Big Ag” on a global scale, to addressing pesticide and carbon footprint concerns, what technologies are being developed to address efficiency, sustainability, and safety while ensuring business success and preserving a place for small farmers?

Ed Rosenthal
Kevin Jodrey
Michael Robbie
Nic Easley
Mary Patton