Robert Trent Jones PGA Course

Tourney Rules

Any order of play may be used. Men play from the White Tees. Ladies from the Red Tees.

Each member of the group tees off.

With the approval of the other members of the group, the Team Captain decides which is the most desirable drive off the tee. 4 Minimum Drives Per Player.

The other three players then pick up their balls and proceed to the location of the best drive where they continue the process until holed.

At the end of each hole, the score for the group is recorded on the scorecard. There is only one score per hole.

Maximum of TWO PUTTS per hole will be taken.

Additional Instructions:

If a team tie develops, the winning team will be decided by a scorecard playoff beginning with Hole #1.

To speed up play, a BOGEY is the highest score possible.

On the fairways, place all balls within 6” to 12” of the ball selected for play.

The order in which the group hits can be varied according to the strategy the team wishes to follow.

Missing Player Procedure:

To compensate for a missing player, on a rotating basis, one player on each hole may play two balls for that hole as if he or she were the fourth player. A rotation order should be established on the first tee.


Closest to the Hole

Longest Drive